people in the Flip & Wholesale Master.

I bring this to you today for one reason … TO MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER! Admit it, that’s what we all want, right? Getting the right advice at the right time has improved my life, and I know there is some advice below that will help improve your life TODAY.

  1. There is no single key to success, it is a combination of things. Study the greats to discover their combinations.
  2. Minutes are not reimbursable, either you are wasting your time or investing it.
  3. If you want a million dollars, solve the problems of a million people.
  4. The analysis paralysis is the # 1 mistake in business.
  5. Life is a series of mentors. Get a mentor that you can not easily overcome.
  6. Leaders do not make suggestions, they make decisions.
  7. The idea that you need money to make money is not true, you need to connect with the opportunity.

This is why I invite you to the Flip & Wholesale Master this 2018!

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