We have all known them …

The people who complain every Monday and Tuesday morning and work as if it were an illness.

The truth is that the only ones who experience the greatest rewards that work has to offer are those who will go all the way EVERY day of the week and will see the tasks until they finish. They do not see work as a task, but as part of its purpose.

Remember this: until an action becomes a success, it is not done.

Until you turn the potential client into a potential investor or client, you have not reached the end. When you win at work, you no longer fear Mondays.

This may seem hard, but if you called a customer 50 times and did not make the deal, then you might as well not have called that person at all. This is the point at which people become reasonable and, therefore, they do not.

Commit yourself to being completely unreasonable and going all the way.

Do not accept excuses!